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ralitsa, 16, bulgaria. i like drinking tea and reading books.i dream all the time mostly about being happy.



A Guy Named Patrick

pentax by joaokale at Flickr.

Anonymous said: Heya! Is your butterfly promo winners posted? :D

Hello!Yes, you can fine them here.And by the way everyone should check them out because they all have gorgeous blogs! :)


A gentle heart is tied with an easy thread. (by Chenny.)

reflection *past,future,present (by 68beats)

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finally, here is the new charlie project edition!!!
so some of you might already know the charlie project but for those who don’t, here is a short description:
Okay, so this project is only slightly related to the novel Perks Of Being A Wallflower and therefore dedicated to everyone (not only the fandom I mean)! The idea is simple - as Charlie does in the book - you write letters (= anonymous messages) to someone who doesn’t know you. You can write about anything that bothers you, You can write about why you feel happy or why you feel sad or whatever you feel, it does not matter. It’s basically like a diary. The person you write to can just be a new friend as in someone to chat with but you can as well tell them about your whole day or thoughts you don’t share with others.
You can take part even if you participated in the first and/or seond charlie project edition!
The first time you had the option to be a charlie, friend or both but since I got so many people saying the would just like to be a friend, it was very complicated for me to pair everyone up. So this time - as it was the last time - you are all going to be both (which means you will write and recieve messages).
Please note: If you really only want to recieve or write messages, it’s absolutely okay, just message me here.

All you have to do in order to participate is:
reblog this post 
be willing to send and recieve anonymous messages (you do not have to answer them but of course you can) 
have your ask and anonymous option enabled (seems obvious but I had many people who didn’t have their askbox open the first time)
You don’t have to be following me but it would be helpful to keep you updated on the project (and also it might be a nice thank you for the huge amount of time and energy I spend on this project). 
I will always put one charlie together with one friend and I will message the URL of a friend to the one who writes the messages (=charlie) so they know who to send the (ANON) messages to. I will also message the friend but I won’t tell them the URL of their charlie. Simplified, it will be paired like this:
person A ——writes to—-> person B —-writes to—-> person C —-writes to—-> person A 
So the person whose messages you get is not the same as the one you write to. Similar as it was in the last Charlie Project, you will be assigned a special number which will look anything like this: 123-456. I will refer to this as you Charlie Number and in case there’s any problem (e.g. your Charlie doesn’t write anymore) you need to tell me the number.
Don’t forget to start your message with “dear friend” and end it with “Love always, Charlie” because otherwise there will be confusion!
important: If the friend thinks, their charlie is in danger of e.g. self harm/ED/suicide, they should immediately message me because I have the URLs of the charlies and I will try to help.
Note: if you change your URL while I’m pairing you and I can’t find your new URL you will not be able to participate. make sure you have your new URL put anywhere on your old blog or send me a message. 
For any questions, my ask box is always open! for updates, check my blog or the “thecharlieproject” tag! My summer break will start on the 1st of August so then I will have more time for the pairing. Please remember to be patient.

I’m excited for this to start again and I hope you are, too! Happy Reblogging!

french style interiors. (❀ the dreaming state)

Upsidedown Town (by SaraCantrell)

桜 by tane_aki on Flickr.

473 (by minako-mipper)

Removing the text is like removing your appendix it kind of matters but it doesn’t at the same time. 
ANYWAYS I’m doing my second botw ever; this botw will be from August 3rd to August 9th.
The winner will be promoted daily, featured on my blog, be mentioned in all my promos, receive coding help, all to 8.9k followers. [you will definitely gain followers]
The rules are that you must reblog this post (likes do not count), and you must be following me. You can be of any blogstyle.
I’ll be announcing the winner on August 3rd, but choosing August 2nd. That’s all! Have a great day.